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Room Additions in Tigard, Oregon

Add living space to your home with room additions by Royal Remodeling in Tigard, Oregon. We build your addition to blend with the original structure.

Room Additions

The two types of room additions we offer are horizontal additions and vertical additions. If you have the space and the necessary clearance on your property, a horizontal addition to the main living area of your house can increase its comfort level and usability. Horizontal room additions usually require new footings and foundations to support the newly created space.

If you have a small lot, you may be limited to only adding an upstairs bedroom or bathroom. This could involve raising your existing roofline or extending your roof with a shed or gable dormer.

Table, Room Additions in Tigard, OR

In the event that your budget does not permit an expensive addition, you may be able to add a screened porch or sunroom within your budget. These "three-season" rooms often do not require air-conditioning or central heating. Room renovation is a great way to increase your property's value, charm, and appeal.

As you plan your addition project, it is important to ensure that the construction of your room is safe, meets all state and local laws, and is carefully estimated to fit within your budget. We are ready to assist you with your project and help you determine the right option for your budget.

Green Remodeling

We can also incorporate energy-efficient or "green" home remodeling suggestions by using recyclable or renewable materials. Consider on-demand water heating appliances, radiant barrier roof decking, high energy-efficient air-conditioning and heating units, or  Energy Star™ appliances when designing your project. A well-planned and well-designed remodel or retrofit can enhance the style of your home, as well as provide newfound comfort, space, and sustainability.

Increase your living space when you request an estimate from our home remodeling company in Tigard, Oregon.